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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Levine On Kissinger, Always Appropriate

In 1979, The New York Times asked David to contribute a caricature of Henry Kissinger to its op-ed page to accompany a piece by William Pfaff accusing Kissinger of war crimes.  David did Kissinger as the Illustrated Man, tattooed in evil. A recently released 1973 recording of Kissinger telling President Nixon that Soviets gassing Jews was a humanitarian, not an American, problem, reminds us of how accurate David always was.  Click on the title, above, to read Menachem Wecker's relevant reprise.

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  1. In college I went through a lot of back issues of The Nation magazine and saw David Levine's drawing of Henry Kissinger screwing the world and the feminist whine-fest that resulted afterward. It was really annoying to read but I loved the picture. It stuck with me. I've only since read about his the rest of his work, I only knew him from The Nation. He was fantastic. The guy who does the caricatures for Rolling Stone reminds me of him. Anyway, much love to David Levine.