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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fellow schmearer

i remember  so clearly  the first time i walked into the studio at 63 Greene St, and this nice man, sitting on a couch - renowned though he was - looked up and greeted me. i felt right at home, and there began the next 20 years  of Wednesday nights filled with joy, inspiration, and comradery.     
       not long after that night, we were both at an auction. i loved a  portrait painted by John Koch of his mother, which i  didn't think was the kind of painting that would appeal to the "average" buyer... i was uncomfortable bidding, so i would tap my friend Andy and he would raise my paddle.  it soon became apparent that i was competing with one other person; and being an uneasy competitor, i bowed out.  afterward, i was embarrassed to discover that my competitor was Dave himself.... so I lost the painting, and Dave had to pay a lot more!  but i was secretly pleased that HE wanted  it too.         
       Wednesday  evenings before leaving, Dave would always leave us with a few words... one night he said: " if anyone needs me,you can find me in the emergency room" ..., whereupon a groupmate replied: "that's not funny" ... of course the reality was anything BUT funny,  but the STATEMENT was! ... this was Dave ... i will miss his parting little words, and the late night carpool en route to henry street.
       A statement  that stands out for me was said during  Dave's interview for "Portraits of a Lady" : ..."I found a group of artists and built me a Nation." ...  and i was proud to be a citizen.
                                                        admirer, friend, and fellow schmearer,    
                                                                                     irene 1  

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