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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My hero since I was an art student 40 years ago

It's been fascinating to hear personal reminiscences of David. He has been my hero since I was an art student 40 years ago here in London. I copied several of his drawings to try to unpick that amazing
cross-hatching which does so many things at the same time, what with tone, direction etc. But I have never known much about him, even how old he was. And it was difficult to get hold of publications or books featuring his work.

Eventually I found a book of his caricatures in Amsterdam and this has been my 'bible' ever since. The devastating likenesses,the elegance and simplicity of line, and restraint in the use of a 'prop' to point up the caricature are very hard acts to follow. Every time I draw a caricature and search for that 'prop' I am reminded of his brilliance and wonder what his solution would have been!

It's good to know that in person he was as fine a man as he was an artist. He has been a major presence in my life and has helped me develop as an artist and as a  human being.

Paul Tucker

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